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The Magic Cookie


NOTE: Netscape's new broswers (4.0 and later) has great options in Preferences/Advanced:
1. Accept all cookies
2. Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server
3. Do not accept cookies
4. Warn me before accepting a cookie



From the Cookie Monster's Read Me

The Magic Cookie is a file created by Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator which resides in the preferences folder. It stores data about you, and enables servers you visit to keep track of what you search for and access. They can store this information in their databases for the purpose of marketing analyses and perhaps to generate mailing lists. Besides commercial uses, it's always possible that some servers out there could use this feature to simply record any of your comings and goings and do with the information what they will. We're trying not to sound too Orwellian, but you get the drift....










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