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Dorothy McDonnell
Pat McDonnell
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Kelly McDonnell
Dan McDonnell
George McDonnell
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Jimmy, Amanda, Heather
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Leo McDonnell

Leo McDonnell and Pal

Leo McDonnell School Photo

Leo McDonnell High School Photo

Leo McDonnell Pilot Photo

Leo, Pat and Mike McDonnell


Dorothy (Albers) McDonnell

Dorothy as a baby.

Dorothy at Grandma McDonnell's house.


Patricia McDonnell

Pat and Mike at Kelly's crib

Pat McDonnell in nurse uniform

Pat and Dan


Michael McDonnell

Pat and Mike at Kelly's crib

Mike at Friends (EJ Gold) Christmas Party


Kelly McDonnell

Kelly McDonnell (a young lad)

Kelly McDonnell (grown up)

Kelly McDonnell (Party Time!)


Daniel McDonnell

Dan McDonnell age ?

Dan McDonnell

Dan McDonnell with his kids.



Jimmy, Amanda, Heather



Computer Wiz's

Computer Wiz



Holiday Dinner at Alberta 1

Holiday Dinner at Alberta 2

Holiday Dinner at Alberta 3

Kitchen at Alberta 1

Kitchen at Alberta 2

Gertie Albers, Pat, Mike

Ted, Paul, Leo Mike

Albers Clan

Afsaneh, Kelly, Mike (Nov 1997)

Thanksgiving 2004 Pat, Dan, Amanda, Heather, Jimmy



Alberta Street House

Boat House 1

Boat House 2



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