Here's a history of early Laughing Dogs releases - early LPs and singles can sometimes be found in shops for collectors or in auctions.

The Laughing Dogs

This first LP album got rave reviews:
"The Dogs' first record has enough raw energy, good tunes and innovation to please the most jaded listener - and enough infectious humor for half a dozen albums . . . Best of all the Dogs have real talent . . ." - Henry McNulty, THE HARTFORD COURANT, July 22, 1979

"The Laughing Dogs have put out a rather melodious form of street-wise music . . . The Laughing Dogs album is a provocative blend of harmonious Pop and earthy progressive Rock." - S. Harris, NIGHT ROCK NEWS, August 1, 1979

The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers

The title of the second LP album was based on the fact that it would be the last Columbia album - you "meet your maker" when you die. Here the Dogs are meeting their "makers" (their mothers). "Our mothers sometimes came to gigs. They were proud of us. We were American boys from Brooklyn." - Jimmi

Live at CBGB's: The Home of Underground Rock

(Atlantic Records double album) "This record album is an anthology of what I believe to be the most exciting 'live performances' captured, from a selection of the important bands who have been playing CBGB's in 1975 and 1976." - Hilly Kristal, founder and owner of CBGB's

Live at CBGB's

The CD is a re-release of the LP that came out in 1976, featuring various live bands performing at CBGB's in the early days. The Laughing Dogs have two songs on the album, "Get 'im Outta Town" and "I Need a Million". Also featured are Mink DeVille, Robert Gordon (Tuff Darts), The Shirts, Manster, Sun, Stuart's Hammer, The Miamis, and others. This album from Atlantic Records is a classic, an important piece of music history.

Punky But Chic . . . The American New Wave Scene

This CD came out in 1994 on Risky Business (a trademark of Sony), including one Laughing Dogs song. Other groups on the album are David Johansen, The Beat, The DB's, Bangles, Wire Train, Translator, Romeo Void, The Waitresses, The Knack, The Dictators, and The Romantics. It's currently out of print; once in awhile you can find a copy.

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