James Leonard Accardi

Thinking Of You

Many of these songs catch Jimmi in a reflective mood - like the Brian Wilson styled "When You're In Love," or the McCartneyesque "Thinking Of You." You can see how much inspiration he takes from Burt Bacharach and Laura Nyro in his ballads "Don't Share Your Love" and "Baby Come Back." And more than anything else, the chord styling and melodies in "The Sun Never Shines Any More" demonstrate Jimmi's own unique writing style. With "Down In New Orleans" he gets back to some good old rock and roll, with a tribute to its roots. "Insomnia" is a frenzied lament inspired by his late night recording habits; "Hard Luck People" is a good country song; and "Brain Dead World" goes into quirky rhythmic adventures that could inspire anyone to find new dance moves. Jimmi describes the song as "an expression of frustration with everything in the world; I felt the strangeness of a twisted world and how everything is upside down and backwards, until the music itself went mad, and odd rhythms and dissonances began to come out." "Tuesday Woman" and "Senorita" are romantic fantasies. With "I'm Afraid To Love You Any More Than I Do," Jimmi shows us once again his ability to write a heartfelt and truly moving love song. "Morning Prayer" is a wish for change in the world. He describes "Goodbye" as "an attitude song, a groove. I make my guitar sound like a rubber band." All instruments and vocals are by Jimmi. Song List Listen BUY CD

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