1. Interview at Adelphi University, James & Ronny with Michael Lorenzo (Fall 1979, Hempstead, NY)
2. Get Outa My Way (Live broadcast WLIR at My Father's Place, Long Island, NY, July, 1979)
3. Low Life (WLIR, My Father's Place)
4. It's Alright, It's Okay (WLIR, My Father's Place)
5. I'm Awake (Live broadcast WMMR, Philadelphia, PA, 1979)
6. Reason For Love (Live broadcast WBRU, The Marriott Ballroom, Providence, RI, July 8, 1979)
7. Get 'im Outa Town (WLIR, My Father's Place)
8. Round and Round (Live broadcast WMMR, Philadelphia, PA)
9. Johnny Contender (Live Broadcast WPIX, Great Gildersleeves, NYC, August 25, 1979)
10. Pastafazoolin' (WBRU, Marriott Ballroom, Providence, RI)
11. I Need a Million (WBRU, Marriott Ballroom, Providence, RI)
12. The Black Fog (Live at The Other End, NYC)
13. Yes Yes No (The Ratskeller, Boston, MA, August 12, 1978)
14. Lucy (The Bottom Line, NYC)
15. It Feels Alright Tonight (CBGB's, October 12, 1977)
16. Goofin' on Frank (Max's Kansas City, NYC, 1976)
17. E-D-W-I-N-A (Max's Kansas City, NYC, 1976)
18. Talk To Me (WPIX, Gildersleeves, NYC, August 1979)
19. Monsters in the Country (The Other End, NYC)
20. We Are the Gypsies (Live at Another Time, Long Island, NY, May 8, 1976)
21. Drum Solo (Live at Saturday's)
22. I Need a Million (Live at Saturday's)
23. Barroom Brawl! (Saturday's)
24. The Mummy's Jig (Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, Halloween 1979)
25. Goin' Down to Reno (The Other End, NYC)
26. Interview at Adelphi University, excerpt, Carter Cathcart talks.
27. The 3 Stooges, Part 2 (CBGB's, October 12, 1977)

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