Here's Mud In Your Eye

1. Why Is It That Love's So Hard?
2. It's a Hard Life
3. Making This Day Worthwhile
4. Pig's Foot Mountain
5. Louie Lofredo
6. Round and Round
7. Pleasure of the Season
8. As Stupid As It Is
9. The Big Song
10. Your Baby's Spittin' Water
11. Pig's Feet
12. I Need a Million
13. Summer Can Be What You Want It To
14. Too Much Confusion
15. Mother, I'm Sorry
16. Break Song
17. Don't Tug Me
18. Instructions
19. I Don't Want To Lose You
20. We're Goin' Out
21. I'm In The Mood For Love (parody / comedy)
22. Confusion
23. Your Baby's Spittin' Water (LIVE)

Mud In Your Eye
Molehill Records