THE LAUGHING DOGS: OUT OF THEIR MINDS - This album has 26 songs.

1. 2001 Jam
2. Stand Up (Carle/Leonard - Bob Dylan parody)
3. Hiney Hole (Cab Calloway parody)
4. The Place Where Basses Break (Rupert Holmes parody)
5. Roller Rink Zombies (Carle/Leonard - Carter on Hammond organ)
6. Stuck In Reno (Carle/Leonard - studio madness & vocal overdubs)
7. Sunshine Of Your Love (Kojacks style parody, Carter sings lead)
8. Come On a' My House (Louis Prima parody)
9. That's My Weiner (Carle/Leonard/Cathcart)
10. Chipmunks Song (David Seville parody)
11. I'm A Douchebag #1 (recorded at Bogus Sound in Brooklyn)
12. I'm A Douchebag #2 (recorded at Bogus Sound in Brooklyn)
13. Your Mother Should Know (Reggae parody of Lennon/McCartney song)
14. Dime Hole (Carle/Leonard)
15. Natzo Jazz Jam (Carle/Leonard/Cathcart/Potts - Shirts' house 1979)
16. Patty Duke (theme song parody)
17. Stuck In Reno (vocal overdub)
18. Cousin Brucie Gets Sick (radio DJ impersonations)
19. Don't Push It (horrible handclap overdub)
20. Sunday Kind of Love (doowop parody)
21. Doggie Doo Wop (doowop medley parody)
22. Peter Kerr, He's Producing the Disc
23. Studio Banter (Carter & Jimmi)
24. Don't Push It (3 Stooges FADE)
25. Reason For Wanting You (J.C. Cathcart song - inside mix)
26. Cathcart Goes Nuts

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