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New Listings

Peyman - Hand Drummer (Tonbak, Ghaval & Daf)

GSISCO – Internet Service Provider
Email: info@gsisco.com
Tel: 00962 6 5826006 (Jordan)

GSISCO is a high speed, always-on, bi-directional broadband Internet via satellite.
Broadband via satellite is available to anyone, regardless of location, and GSISCO is sold through local service providers in many countries across the Middle East

MêDAD - Iranian artist with international exhibitions, specializing in paintings of Still life and Murals.

www.iranian.ws - Iran News, Iranian website directory & search

Iran Darjahan.

Irain North Database - (Non-Governmental Organization)

Iranian-American Democrats of New York - whose goal is to give the Iranian-American community a voice in American government.

Best Iran Travel - New travel and cultural site. Buy your airfare tickets to Iran, take a tour in Iran, find out more about Iranian culture (music, videos, food, etc).

Persian Hits- a music site with songs from various Persian singers and groups.

Iranian Languages & Scripts - an educational site on Iranian languages and scripts which features an easy to use (no fonts download needed) online concise English-Persian dictionary with transliteration.

Tarjomeh - offering tranlslation services via fax and email in Iran.

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Various Web Sites

Access Travel Service - Our goal is to provide you with a complete and unbiased travel consultation to assist you in obtaining the best value for your money.

Arizona Persian Page information for families living in or visiting Arizona who have an interest in Persian culture or language.

Danesh - Persian language online service with e-mail, newsgroups, chat, news, dictionary, and a calendar.


Fax2Iran.com - Send free fax to Iran.

Images from Iran

Images of Meybod - Meybod is a desert city, located in Yazd, Iran. The site has History, Photo Album and more.

International News and Broadcasting, Inc. The first and only live 24 hour Farsi/English Site on the Net. News, interviews, call in talk programs from around the world with Mr. Ahmad Alizadeh, at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.
We have been on the net one-one half years, believe in FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY FOR IRAN, everyone is welcome here to air their views openly.

IPM WWW Server Guide

Iran...the whole Iran...and nothing but Iran...

Iran: The Country of the Nobles articles, images, and other documents from the library of the Embassy of Iran (Tokyo) 

Iran Net (AU)

Iran -- An Introduction

Iranian Directory - Dara Daree has created a site that is a directory of Iranian web sites and resources.

Iran Gift Shop (Online) - Send flowers and gifts to your loved ones anywhere in Iran. Flowers, cakes, gifts, and resturant gift certificates at great prices!
* We can personally recommend this one!

Iran Net - Electronic bulletin that provides info on a variety of topics that are of interest to the Iranian community and Iranian businesses world wide.

IRANET web site in Tehran

Iran - Pilgrimage Centers

IranVoice - now in Farsi, with Arabic and English versions under construction.

Iran Web

The Best in Iranian Films on Video and DVD

Iran On Line

Iranian New Year Greeting Cards.

Iran Online links to Iranian news, daily news updates and a search engine

Iranian Scholars Scientific Information Network

Islamic Education and Muslim Home Schooling Resources

Islamic Institute of New York

Islamicweb Your Guide to Surf Islamic Sites on the Net

Ixora Technologies Sdn Bhd - We offer digital business cards, CD replication and other CD related products.

Jokestan has over 600 truly Persian jokes

Korea Iran business source - New and second hand Korean Products.

KRSI (Radio Sedaye Iran)

Madar-Pedar - Iranian-American parents' organization formed to network and discuss concerns of raising bi-cultural children.

Maps of Iran

Middle East Resource Center

Musuem Of Comtemporary Iranian Artists - Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphic Arts, Film, Music, Calligraphy, Performing Arts, Architecture, Literature. Also Forum and Cafe Mocia.

Nahzate Rabbany (Rabbany Movement): The Home of Qur`anic Islam (political, religions, Live Radio ) .

Nasim World Network- Internet and technology.

Neda Network - large web site in Tehran, many links and resources.



Pars Net

Parsmail.com - Free Persian Email - English and Persian/Arabic text


Persia - pictures, poems and recipes


Persia.net - comprehensive site on Persia. Includes culture, history, music, pictures and links.

Persian Heritage

Persian Outpost.com one of the 5 oldest Iranain websites on the Internet.

Perisan Web - Portal site for everything Persian. Persian and Iranian WebSites and Internet Resources, Services.

Persepolis - Persian online community. Business directory, alumni clubs (in the US and Iran), personals, soccer, links, art and lots more.

Raabet connecting area for Persian/Iranian people around the world. Includes personals, businesses, bulletin board, jokes, chat non-profit services and more.

RahNema.com offers the latest Iranian news, listen to samples of new Irani CDs and cassettes, send flowers to friends, and perhaps browse a few good books.

RaheAzadi - periodical political, social and cultural magazine in Farsi.

Rediscover Iran is an organization created to encourage and support young Iranian-Americans in their efforts to define unique personal identities through exploration of their heritage.

Shahreh-Farang! links and Persian tutorial/dictionary and Persian proverbs

Soor Esrafil Page info on famous Iranian scientists/poets, miniature paintings, Khayyam's Rubayyat

Tehranweb.com - is an online interactive community linking Iran and America. We feature chat, email, and isp services.

The Iranian

The Islamic Digest - An Islamic e-zine

The Islamic Seminary

Zan -- site about Iranian women

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Student Sites

Iranshahr at the U of W (US) -- provides history, literature, music, and pictures on Iran

The Iranian Web

MSA Stanford University (US)

Persian Student Association Stanford University (US)

Iranian Cultural & Information Center Stanford University (US)

Standford Zoroastrain Group Stanford University (US)

Iranian Student's Association of Concordia (Concordia University)

IranShahr at Frostburg State -- a collection of news and commentaries from Iranian sources (US)

Iranian Payk -- the homepage of the Iranian Students at U. of Newcastle (UK)

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Personals (matchmaking) Sites

Ghesmat Online - a secure and fun Persian dating service with photographs.

Iranian Singles Network - dedicated to bringing together marriage minded Persian men and women.

Persepolis Matchmaker - meet Iranian Singles.

Persian Love Connections - for Iranian singles living in the US.

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Music and Books

Music - Persia @amazon.com

Music - Iran @amazon.com

Books - Persia @amazon.com

Books - Iran @amazon.com


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News Sites

BestIranTravel News

Pars Times

Iran News

Tehran Times

AZAD Iranian Daily Newspaper - news and commentary in Farsi.

IranNews - Iranian news web site in English and French.


News Groups

DejaNews on the Web

Usenet - soc.culture.iranian - Discussions about Iran and things Iranian/Persian.
Usenet - clari.world.mideast.iran - News of Iran


Email Newsletters

send Email
and request to be added to their email list.
Persian Email Newsletter


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Technology Sites

Network Information Center - primary academic/research Internet service provider for Iran. Operated by the Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM).

High-Tech Peik - online source of information and news on Iran's computer industry.


TechDictionary- emoticons, chat terms, etc

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Persian Computer Programs

Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Russian on the Mac (FAQs) One persons experience with using "right to left" software.

MacQibla calculates the proper times of Islamic prayers and direction of Mecca for any day in any location, using either a Western Gregorian or Islamic Hijira calendar

NamehNegar - Persian Word Processor for Windows. Demo available.

Nisus Writer (Mac) The best word processor does Farsi (Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, etc.) Nisus Writer is the choice of professional writers, editors, secretaries, programmers, students, and business people. The features are too many to list here, visit their website for more information.

Persian Teaching System - Learn Farsi with this multimedia CD. An inexpensive well-designed system for learning to speak and write Farsi. Mac or Windows

PooyanSoft - Persian software information/download.. and other services.

Apple Mac OS 9 and OS X is the upgrade for anyone on the Internet or anyone who wants to be. With more than 50 powerful new features, Mac OS 9 offers a full suite of capabilities for new and advanced users. Now comes with multi-language capabilities built in -- Farsi, Arabic, Greek, and others.

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Persian Language Sites

English-Farsi Basic Words and Phrase

Farsi Basic Words and Phrase

Farsi Pronunciation Guide.

Gheyaspour English/Persian Colloquial Dictionary

Online English-Persian Dictionary Columbia U.

Lexicon of Iranian Language, Pahlavi-English Dictionary

Teachionary: Farsi Word Sets

English-Farsi Email Translator

Farsi for Travelers

Persian Teaching System

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Persian Radio/Video/TV Movie Sites

Abbas Kiarostami (@ zeitgeistfilm.com)

Iran Media - cinema, films, television, and radio programs

Islamic Republic News (IRNA)

Kiarostami's film workshop, March 18-27, 1996, Palermo, Italy

My Iran Television - a US television program

Nahzate Rabbany (Rabbany Movement): The Home of Qur`anic Islam

Radio Shahrvand started broadcasting its Persian programs in Gotheburg, Sweden in April 98. Programs include a mixture of Iranian and western music, social and cultural subjects. Persian web browser fonts available for download. RealAudio examples of radio programs available.

Voice of the IRIB News

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The current Iranian national flag is shown because it is the current flag regardless of whether or not one agrees with the politics of the current government. We apologize to anyone offended but as realists we believe change takes time and comes from within.


Political Sites

RaheAzadi - periodical political, social and cultural magazine in Farsi.

Green Party of Iran - Supporting democracy for Iran and devoted to protecting the Iranian environment and human rights. Includes recent environmental news releases in both Farsi and English.

Democratic Voice of Iran - daily Persian programme covering news, current affairs, commentaries, music, and interviews broadcast over the Internet.

Democracy Network of Iran (DNI) - a net-based group of individuals committed to campaign for promotion of democracy and improvement of human rights conditions in Iran.

Salam Iran of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran (Canada)
Iranian Embassy
Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Washington, DC)

FDI (Foundation for Democracy in Iran)

IHRWG Iranian Human Rights Working Group

Nahzate Rabbany (Rabbany Movement): The Home of Qur`anic Islam

Salam Iran of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran (Canada)

The Constitutionalists Movement of Iran - CMI

The Flag of Freedom Organization (FFO) of Iran (Sazemane Derafshe Kaviani)

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Image of Mevlevi Darvish.
Many peoples have an affinity for Rumi, founder of the Mevlevi.
Since Rumi's day the Mevlevi have been located in Konya, Turkey.
Today they perform around the world.
(Performance in Marin County CA)

Arts & Music Sites

Arya Persian literature/poems

Azadi Art - original hand painting on ceramic plates and hand made postcards.

Elahe Gallery - Biography and paintings of lots of Iranian masters of painting. Beautifully done web site and the gallery is located in Tehran

FarsiNet offers free web pages for non-profit, artists, poets, writers, scientists, philosophers, educators.

Iranian Cultural and Information Center a wide variety of information including art work, literature, etc

Iranian Scholars Scientific Information Network  

Maryam - the story of an Iranian family in America during the hostage crisis of 1979.

Musuem Of Comtemporary Iranian Artists - Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphic Arts, Film, Music, Calligraphy, Performing Arts, Architecture, Literature. Also Forum and Cafe Mocia.

Nejad, his music speaks for itself.

PersiaDesign - Center for visual arts.

Rumi Poetry and Kabir Poetry (english translations)


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Business Sites

Marin Rug Gallery fine quality imported Persian rugs - new, old, antique.

English-Farsi Translation Services

Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an Publishers of Qur'an, other Books & Gifts

Iran Online of Manou & Associates, Inc.

Iran Business Resources Iranian businesses, organizations, and publications

Iran-Page The Iranian Business Directory and Shopping Mall

Mage Publishers

Neda Rayneh Institute

Iranian Yellow Pages of Manou & Associates, Inc.


Chat Sites

Abadan Iranian Chat Room

Souroush -via TelNet

You can also use ICQ to chat with others. You get it at ICQ Website. It doesn't matter which computer you have. You get assigned an ICQ number, which is like a phone number that others can call you or you can call others with.


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Individuals Web Sites

Abadan - The description of this site by it's passionate creator Shahram Akbari : "This page is dedicated to the great people of Khouzestan province. Especially those who chose to stay in Abadan and Khoramshahr in the first few weeks of war, with sticks and stones in hand, to defend this beautiful land from Iraq's agression. In particular those who lost their lives in this way."

Keyvan Nourhaghighi, Senior Fighter Pilot


Farhad Nikkhah's


Other Middle East Web Sites

The Holy Qur'aan CDs We have Cds of the Holy Qur'aan for four of our great Sheeukh.

Al-Manar News - Lebanon

Arab Business Network - Interactive Internet & intranet business solutions and services with members in business, trade, finance, laws, services, engineering, industry, tourism, insurance, real estates and banking in the Middle East, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


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The Best in Iranian Films on Video and DVD

Children of Persia - Need your donations

Help The Afghan Children


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