King Solomon's Justice
One day a baker noticed an older man enjoying the smell of his freshly baked bread and demanded he pay for the smell of the bread.

Unsure of what to do, the local judge decided to bring the case to King Solomon.

After listening to both sides the king decided that the baker was correct and that the man owed the baker for the smell of the bread because the baker owned the bread and all of its attributes.

Knowing better than to object to the king, the older man resigned himself.

King Solomon continued, telling the old man to jingle his coin purse. "There you have been paid," declared Solomon. "The sound of the coins paid for the smell of the bread."

Chutzpah was demonstrated when a young man was in court for killing his parents and threw himself on the mercy of the court. And the judge asks, "Why should I have any mercy on you?"

"Because now I'm an orphan," said the young man.

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