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Editorial Services

  • Proof Perfect - professional proofreading, copy editing, writing. High-quality service with over 15 years experience proofreading, writing, and editing for magazines, newspapers, theses, term papers, advertising, books and web sites. email
  • Cambridge Proofreading LTD Professional English proofreading and editing services.
  • A* Editing offers professional freelance proofreading, copy-editing and writing services for publishers, authors, students, organisations and businesses. Grammar, spelling, typographical, consistency of style, all made professionally presentable at low pricing rates. Specialising in science and academic based work. Americanizing and Anglicising. Free sample edit offer.
  • ABC Iowa Writing and Editing Services offers award-winning editing, ghostwriting, ESL, and manuscript analysis help. Gary Anderson has been helping authors reach for their editing dreams for more than twenty years. He's edited 400+ books, ghosted thirty others, and worked with clients in twenty-eight countries. You know your dream...let's reach for it together!  
  • Bioedit Ltd - an English manuscript editing service for bioscience and medical papers.
  • GJT Services - copy editing (hard copy or MS Word); proofreading; copy writing; ghost writing; rewriting; word-processing, authors’ manuscripts, half-yearly & annual company reports, students’ dissertations, Ofsted school reports, CVs, letters of application, newsletters, brochures. Enquire about other services.
  • Editing International, LLC serves writers, publishers, and businesses in the international community, offering editing and consulting on nonfiction and fiction. We offer personal coaching, group instruction, workshops and speeches for organizations, and ghostwriting.
  • - Spanish proofreading, copy edition, translations and edition - revisión y corrección de textos
  • IB Editorial Services UK author offers proofreading, copy editing, indexing, copy writing, re-writing, and research services, plus word processing and transcription of manuscripts, theses, dissertations for publishers, authors, academics and students
  • Learning Curve Editorial Services editorial services for new writers. These incude manuscript appraisal, editing, rewriting, and ghost writing services.
  • Lucida Editing Services - Offering professional editing, proofreading, critique, and other text related services for writers in every genre.
  • - Helping writers with in-depth and fact finding research, archival materials, expert finding, bibliographic expansion, personal database creation, fact checking, reprint permission, and indexing.
  • Technical Writer - a recent college grad seeking work.
  • Poetry Master - Good Poems Made Better -- Free Offer: Send 4-book poet Dan Masterson a poem for comments. If you then wish to continue working with him, you may do so on a fee basis. But that first poem is free - no strings attached.
  • Writing and Editing Services
  • Success Literary Services - provides serious manuscript editing and film script coverage services to independent writers and publishing and production professionals. Est. 1984. Member NWA & EFA.
  • Winzig Consulting Services | Technical Writing and Editing | Minnesota - A Minneapolis, Minnesota sole proprietorship offering technical editing, technical writing, HTML editing, and web publishing services since 1990.
  • The Writers' Workshop - Editorial advice from pro authors and help with literary agents

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Insight, Inspiration, and Motivation

  • The Excellent Writer Within
    Michael Levy's excellent article. The art of good writing comes from the artist within. All humans have the ability to become great authors, poets, artists and musicians, etc., so why do most folks find it such a difficult task?
  • ThoughtOffice
    Tools that have proven to be a phenomenal catalyst for solving real-world challenges. Crafting Advertising messages - Facilitating professional consulting sessions - Writing speeches, stories, books, business plans
  • WritePro
    Home of WritePro, FirstAid for Writers, and FictionMaster. Through the programs described here, Sol Stein becomes your coach and editor, guiding you step by step in the creation and enhancement of your writing.
  • Write Brothers.
    For over 20 years, Write Brothers (formerly called Screenplay Systems) has helped new and experienced writers. Their tools include Dramatica® Pro, Hollywood Screenwriter™, Movie Magic® Contracts, Movie Magic® Screenwriter, StoryView™, Word Menu®, Writer's DreamKit™

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